Thursday, 18 September 2014

pachis work

pachis work done in chudidhar using rimzim thread :)

kutch work

Kutch work trials :)

Latest chudidhar design

This is my latest chudi which i have stitched for my birthday :)

This chudi is embroidered with following stitches:

1. kutch work.
2. mirror work.
3. pachis work

This chudi is stitched along with a jacket model. Somehow the design was good. :)

It came out well, because this is my first try on kutch embroidery and pachis work.

In this, pachis work is done with rimzim thread.

Friday, 22 August 2014


Hi all, here i am posting some of my practiced designs of chikan embroidery:
 I knew that color combination and the shape of the designs are not so nice  :(
this is my free hand drawing, so it was not so clear.
have to practice much on this design.

This is my first try on chikan embroidery.
Thanks to Anita mam of artistic finger's blog, for this beautiful tutorial.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Kamal Kadai embroidery :

kamal kadai embroidery designed on a chudi :)

practised aari designs

this is my practiced aari designs :)

i have used rimzim thread, for that mango design :)

hand embroidered design

simple hand embroidery design :)

This is designed with satin stitch, herringbone stitch, kamal kadai stitch, stem stitch and french knots at the center of the flower. :)